Wakefield will host its first-ever 4v4 Soccer Jamboree this summer to support the Wakefield Food Pantry.  Divisions are open for both youths and adults.

Registration Deadline
August 11, 2019

Games start at 9:00 am each day

Fri, Aug 16

High School Boys
High School Girls

Sat, Aug 17

Grade 2 Boys (U8)
Grade 3-4 Boys (U10)
Grade 5-6 Boys (U12)
Grade 7-8 Boys (U14)
Grade 2 Girls (U8)
Grade 3-4 Girls (U10)
Grade 5-6 Girls (U12)
Grade 7-8 Girls (U14)
  • Grade refers to Grade in Sept 2019

Sun, Aug 18

Men’s Open (18+ yrs)
Men’s Over-30 yrs
Men’s Over-40 Yrs
Women’s Open (18+ yrs)
Women’s Over-30 Yrs
Open Coed (18+ Yrs)


  • This is a fun, non-result event.   There are no playoffs.
  • All age divisions will play in a 4v4 format.  No goalkeepers (using pug goals/pop up goals).
  • Games are 25 minutes in length, running time.  (no injury time added)
  • All teams will play 3 scrimmages with breaks in between each game. 
  • All restarts are kick-ins.  No throw-ins from sidelines.
  • No offside.
  • All coed divisions must have at least 1 female/1 male on the field at all times.
  • Substitutions can be made on the fly and/or during any stoppage in play.
  • No jewelry of any type
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn.  No metal spikes allowed.
  • Shinguards are required.
  • Regular FIFA rules otherwise.

U8 & U10 modification:

Defending team must retreat to midfield on goal kicks, allowing team in possession of the ball to advance from their own end.  Once the 2nd player touches the ball, defending team may advance into the opposing half.

Team Uniforms

  • Teams must have matching color jerseys (numbers are not required). 
  • Alternate color jerseys are also highly recommended in the event of color conflict. 
  • Team listed as home team would need to change jersey color (or wear pinnies) if necessary.

Event Contacts:

Mike BoudreauWakefield Food Pantry

Anne MillerWakefield Food Pantry

Matt Harry – Seacoast United Massachusetts

Kelly Kelly – Seacoast United NH