4v4 Soccer Jamboree Rules



  • Consist of a minimum four to a maximum of six players. There are no goalies.
  • Adult Co-Ed division teams must have at least 1 female/1 male on the field at all times.


  • Teams must check in at least 20 minutes before their first game. 
  • Player Liability Waivers must have been turned by check-in time.


  • Teams must have matching color jerseys (numbers are not required).  
  • Alternate color jerseys are also highly recommended in the event of color conflict.  
  • Team listed as home team would need to change jersey color or wear pinnies (provided).
  • Shin guards must be worn by all players. 
  • Socks must completely cover shin guards.
  • Appropriate turf footwear (soccer cleats, sneakers)  is required. No metal spikes allowed. 
  • No jewelry of any kind (earrings, necklaces, bracelets).
  • No hard plastic or metal hair accessories (bows, clips, head bands, etc.).
  • No casts


  • The field size is approximately 40yds x 20yds. 
  • The goal size is approximately 4ft x 6ft. 
  • The goal box is approximately 2yds x 4 yds. 
  • The field is a synthetic turf surface. 


  • Grade 2: Size 3
  • Grades 3 – 8: Size 4
  • Grades 9 – 12: Size 5
  • Adults: Size 5


  • All age divisions will compete in a 4v4 format.
  • All teams will play 3 games.  There are no playoffs
  • All games will be 25 minutes long. 
  • No official scores will be recorded. 
  • There is no halftime and therefore no switching ends. 
  • The clock will be a continuous running clock. No stoppage time.


  • Winner of coin toss decides which end to attack.
  • The clock will start with the sound of a double horn. 
  • If both teams are ready to go before the double horn, they may begin early and get the extra game time.
  • Ball may move forward or backward. 
  • Kicker may not kick the ball a second time until another player touches the ball. 
  • Opponents must be 5 yards from the center mark.


  • There are no offsides in 4v4.
  • There are no penalty kicks. 
    • Balls must be 100% over the line to be out. 
    • Any time the ball goes out of bounds, it results in a kick-in for the opposition. The opposing team must be 4 yards away on all kick-ins. 
    • If the ball goes out for a goal kick, the ball may be placed anywhere on the goal line. 
    • Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-in or goal kick.
    • All free kicks are direct. 
    • Defenders must be 4 yards away.
    • If the free kick is closer than 4 yards from the edge of the goal box, then the defenders must stand on the line of the goal box.
    • Kick-offs can go backward. 
    • A goal cannot be scored directly off a kick-off, therefore, it is indirect.
    • Players are not allowed to play the ball when it is in the goal box. 
    • If a defender plays the ball while in the goal box, the result is a penalty kick to be taken from half field.
    •  If an attacking player plays the ball in the goal box, it results in a free kick for the defending team. The free kick will be taken from the edge of the goal box. 
    • Free substitution any time the ball goes out of bounds, after a goal is scored, and/or any time there is a stoppage in play. 
    • There is no substitution allowed during running play.


  • Games will end with the sound of a single horn.


  • There are no referees for individual games.
  • Players will call their own games. 
  • There will be a field marshall that will oversee 2 games simultaneously.


  • Any player that receives a red card will be suspended from the rest of the jamboree.


  • Only players and coaches are allowed on the main field. 
  • All parents/spectators must stay on the perimeter of the field.