Community Relations Committee

The Community Relations Committee is responsible for our image in the community. The Committee coordinates public speaking events; interacts with the media; and develops and maintains relationships with businesses, civic organizations, and other community organizations to further the mission of the WFP.

Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for oversight and coordination of the fundraising and development plan. The responsibilities of the Committee include but are not limited to the initiation, planning and overseeing of all fundraising events; pursuing funding through grant writing and coordinating outside fundraising events; and cultivation of new donors, along with retention of current and past donors.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for developing and reviewing fiscal procedures and annual budget, in consultation with staff and other Board members. The members of the Executive Committee serve as the members of the Finance Committee.

Information Technology and Software Committee

The Information Technology Committee is responsible for the efficient functioning of the systems of the organization.  The Committee coordinates all of the technology utilized by the organization including website, databases, and any other used for storage and communication of the organization’s information.

Board Advancement Committee

The Board Advancement Committee identifies the needed skills of the Board and suggests potential members.  The Committee is also responsible for Board member orientation and training, conducting the nomination and election process, as well as periodic board evaluation.