Our acceptance of food items is governed by two criteria:

  • Public health requirements
  • Our commitment to providing a healthy balance of nutrient-rich foods encompassing all the food groups.

We can accept:

  • Shelf-stable products
  • Shelf-stable dairy and juice that have a usable shelf life per the manufacturer
  • Excess inventory from promotions, seasonal merchandise, and national or private-label products

We cannot accept:

  • Packaged perishable and frozen foods
  • Unlabeled products or products removed from its original packaging
  • Damaged products or products that have exceeded shelf life
  • Repackaged or opened products
  • Prepared food that has been exposed to public self-service
  • Product that has been thawed
  • Food containing alcohol

Steps to Run a Food Drive:

Click HERE for guidance on organizing a food drive.

Large donations:

Please contact us to arrange a pickup or delivery.

Drop-off Locations:

  • drop off box located in the lower level of the Americal Civic Center, 467 Main Street
  • William J. Lee Town Hall, 1 Lafayette Street
  • The Beebe Library, 345 Main Street
  • The Savings Bank: 599 North Avenue and 907 Main Street (Greenwood)
  • The Public Safety Building,  1 Union Street
  • Shaw’s Supermarket, 134 Water Street
  • East Boston Savings Bank, 381 Main Street