WFP Receives 2024 Financial Award from The Savings Bank Charitable Foundation

May 17th, 2024|

The Wakefield Food Pantry (WFP) was one of several local nonprofit organizations that
received a financial award from The Savings Bank Charitable Foundation. The
foundation, established in 1997 through an initial endowment of $550,000 from The
Savings Bank, presented a total of $65,040 to 20 nonprofit organizations during the 27 th
distribution of funds. Over the past 27 years, the Foundation has made donations in
excess of $950,000 to organizations in local communities.
The award was presented by

Little Free Pantries – Give What you Can, Take What You Need

February 26th, 2024|


February 2024 — During the summer of 2023, the Wakefield Food Pantry (WFP), along with help from the Scouts of Wakefield, set up four Little Free Pantries (LFP) around town.  Since then, the LFPs have been actively utilized by those who need food assistance.

If someone can’t get to the pantry, food is immediately available at a LFP easily and without judgment.  The LFPs are a great safety net in the battle

The Wakefield Food Pantry Holds Annual Partnership Breakfast

June 23rd, 2023|

On June 7th Wakefield politicians, civic organizations, volunteers, and business leaders joined the Wakefield Food Pantry (WFP) in its annual Partnership breakfast.

After a hiatus of 4 years, WFP once again hosted a celebration of all of its community partnerships with a breakfast.  WFP provided updates about the pantry’s work and current initiatives.  The featured speaker was Wakefield Social Services Coordinator, Jason Stone,  who underscored how important the pantry is the community

2021 Auction was a Great Success!

December 4th, 2021|

December 1, 2021 — Sponsored by the Wakefield Co-operative Bank, the Wakefield Food Pantry’s 2021 Online Auction was a great success.

The goal of reaching $8,000 was achieved with the generous giving of donors, including many Wakefield residents with creative baskets and sports memorabilia, vendors, restaurants, artists, quilters, and photographers.  Plus, many items were donated by local service providers including garden and organizer consultants, car wash gifts, and gutter and outdoor

Wakefield Food Pantry to Hold Second On-line Auction

November 1st, 2021|

Link to WFP On-Line Auction

Sponsored by the Wakefield Co-operative Bank, the Wakefield Food Pantry will again hold an online auction.

The auction will be held from November 10th-14th with preview beginning November 7th.

The auction will have bids starting as low as $25 and as high as $500 with options in between. Items will include a variety of restaurant gift cards, Celtics tickets, sports memorabilia, antiques, ice cream and a consult with a personal organizer! In addition, participants will find gift

July 30th, 2021|


The Wakefield Food Pantry is sponsoring The Wakefield Farmer’s Market  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Match – helping us get healthy food on everyone’s plate.

As many of you know, food insecurity in the United States is at an all time now. Last year alone, the Wakefield Farner’s Market added an additional $2700 worth of healthy foods onto 100s of community members plates. This year, we have already seen an increase in these

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