The Wakefield Food Pantry depends on many volunteers.  Currently, a dedicated group of over 60 volunteers, from guest support to Board of Directors, keeps the pantry running on a day to day basis. But, there are countless other volunteers that are instrumental in bringing in food and funds on an ad-hoc basis through the many food drives and fundraising events in our community.

Below are Volunteer positions that we are looking to fill.  Some of the positions may only require a few hours a year while other positions may require 10-12 hours per month.   Click on the job title to see a short description.  If you are interested in any positions, please complete the volunteer application at the bottom of this page.  Our volunteer coordinator will get back to you shortly.

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Open Committee Positions

This team is responsible for all the computer systems and technologies utilized by WFP including our:

  • Website (WordPress)
  • Emails (MailChimp)
  • Donor tracking system (DonorPerfect)
  • Financial management (Quickbooks)
  • Client Data management (MS Access/Excel -> Oasis)
  • Internal documentation (Google’s G Suite apps – Docs/Sheets/Sites/etc)
  • Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
  • Desktop computers, printers, internet access
  • Miscellaneous ad-hoc support for Board and Staff

Projects and support vary from maintaining current systems to evaluating and migrating to new systems to enhance, streamline and/or automate processes. Experience or willingness to learn any of the above technologies is welcome.

This person would be part of a team developing ideas and then organizing and coordinating activities to raise funds for WFP.

This person would design and produce promotional material to raise funds or awareness of WFP and help with website, newsletter and email marketing designs.

This position would be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance and grow revenue through current and prospective donors.

This position would be part of a team and would provide guidance, knowledge, and support to the Director of Board Advancement, assisting him/her in maintaining the health of the Board. 

Open Board of Directors Positions

The Board of Directors (BOD) is our governing body and is responsible for overseeing the pantry’s activities. The BOD focus on the mission, strategy, and goals.

Currently, the full Board meets once a month, September through June, on the 3rd Monday evening of the month. Occasionally, an extra meeting or two may be required.

The Board has a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 members. Each Board member serves a 2-year term but can be re-elected. The officer positions (President, VP, Clerk & Treasurer) serve 1-year terms and can also be re-elected.

We are always looking for skilled volunteers to join our board.

This position would direct a team responsible for all the computer systems and technologies utilized by WFP. (see IT Committee Member listing) He/she is a member of the Board with voting rights.

This position would direct a team responsible for coordinating such efforts as recruitment of new Board/Committee members, succession planning, orientation of new members, education and training of members and overall support of Board members. He/she is a member of the Board with voting rights.

This person would direct a team that would be responsible for the coordination of all interactions with the Community including the media, events, the website, newsletters, and email marketing. He/she is a member of the Board with voting rights.

Volunteer Application