The Wakefield Food Pantry depends on many volunteers. Currently, a dedicated group of over 70 volunteers, from guest support to Board of Directors, keeps the pantry running on a day to day basis. But, there are countless other volunteers that are instrumental in bringing in food and funds on an ad-hoc basis through the many food drives and fundraising events in our community.

For those under the age of 18 please note that while we truly appreciate your interest, if you are under 18 and/or have not graduated from HS yet, for confidentiality reasons, you cannot be in the pantry during guest hours. Please sign up for our community newsletter below. When we do have special events that can include persons under the age of 18, we highlight it in our newsletter and if it is something you are interested in and available for, please respond.

Below are Volunteer positions that we are looking to fill. Some of the positions may only require a few hours a year while other positions may require 10-12 hours per month. Click on the job title to see a short description. If you are interested in any positions, please complete the volunteer application at the bottom of this page. Our volunteer coordinator will get back to you shortly.

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Open Operations Positions

In this position you would be responsible to coordinate our two monthly mobile onsite senior pantries held at Hart’s Hill and Crystal View which occur on the second Wednesday and Thursday of each month. It involves packing up and transporting items to their respective locations, unloading and bringing in the items transported, assisting with clients, and then returning to the Pantry any untaken items once the onsite events are over for unpacking and re-storing. So, a strong back and willing muscles are required as some boxes may weigh up to 50 pounds.

There is a team in place for both days and locations to assist you with the setup, with attending to the clients, and the breakdown. We will provide an in-depth orientation and of course be available going forward to assist and answer any questions that may arise. The actual week of the Wednesday and Thursday onsite senior pantries involve approximately 10-12 hours of time combined, with the remaining monthly activities typically involving an additional five hours. Additionally, the pantry has a van that can be used to transport items to and from the senior sites.

If you are interested in this position, please reply directly to our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@wakefieldfoodpantry.org.

Open Committee Positions

This team is responsible for all the computer systems and technologies utilized by WFP.

Our current needs are for expertise in:

  • WordPress  – We are looking for someone that can maintain the WFP website.  Only content changes are needed as we have a consultant to deal with the backend hosting and support.  Time commitment is at most a few hours a month.
  • Google’s G Suite apps – Docs/Sheets/Sites/etc)  – Help set up G Suite and maintain it.  Knowledge of the Admin Console is needed.
  • IT Director – We need someone to manage this committee and oversee all of the IT needs of the organization, including providing miscellaneous ad-hoc support for Board and Staff

Projects and support vary from a couple of hours a month to evaluating and migrating to new systems to enhance, streamline and/or automate processes.

This person would design and produce promotional material to raise funds or awareness of WFP and help with website, newsletter and email marketing designs.

This position would be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to enhance and grow revenue through current and prospective donors.

This position would be part of a team and would provide guidance, knowledge, and support to the Director of Board Advancement, assisting him/her in maintaining the health of the Board. 

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