March 2021 — Although the Wakefield Food Pantry (WFP) remained in operation this past and very challenging year providing curbside delivery and other services, the Pantry team is delighted to be able to reopen in-person shopping for guests.  As the number of Covid cases has decreased, the WFP can now offer in-person shopping with safety measures in place for guests and volunteers.  These procedures include the wearing of masks, limiting the number of people inside the Pantry, and keeping distance between shoppers.

In addition to this bright ray of light, the Pantry continues to be easily accessible to all in need in many ways.  Curbside delivery of pre-packed and customized groceries is available for those who wish to use it. Those who decide to shop inside will notice a new comfortable waiting area and a renovated pantry offering more healthy freezer and refrigerated choices and lots of fresh produce.

“I can’t express how pleased we are that guests can now shop in-person in the pantry,” commented Maureen Miller, Executive Director of WFP.  “Choice shopping results in less waste and provides our guests with the dignity and independence to choose their items.  Plus is allows for much-needed personal touch and support given so well by our volunteers.”

Easy Access to the Food Pantry and All Wakefield Residents Are Welcome

It is very easy to access the services of the food pantry.  No photo identification is required. Those who are new to the pantry are asked to fill out a simple form and to show something noting their address.   All from Wakefield are welcome!

Food insecurity is very real. One in eight households in eastern Massachusetts struggle with hunger. Why?  Many reasons contribute to this challenge including loss of jobs, high housing costs, one-wage earners, fixed income, mental illness and disability.
“Our leadership and volunteer team at WFP are dedicated to assist those neighbors in need,” said Ms. Miller. “We are forever grateful to the Wakefield community for being a partner with us by providing financial donations, food and household items, and committed volunteers.”

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